I am Gregg A. Granger.

I returned in May of 2008 from four and a half years of sailing around the world with my wife, two daughters, and one son. It was a remarkable adventure, and I am currently marketing my book that chronicles our time in other worlds. Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home is the name of that book.

Faith is the name of the vessel that became our home during that journey.

During May and June, 2011, I spent six weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand, specifically for the purpose of procuring healt and dental related services. Following three surgeries, and as many crowns, I returned home and began writing of my experiences there. Visit Medical Tourism in Thailand for a glimpse of that work. While I myself enjoyed excellent care in Thailand, I am glad that we had the Helen Devos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids when my son experienced a ruptured appendix this past summer. Stories of this nature are shared in my personal blog. MedicalTourismBlog
stuff by Gregg A. Granger that finds no fit elsewhere Personal experiences of receiving health care in Thailand
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Additionally, I am installing a new engine on Faith. I have learned that, in the trade, this process is called 'repowering.' This makes for a nice metaphore that I write about in Repowering Faith.

Please sit back and enjoy navigating through this site.

Thank you,



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