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On March 14, 2011

Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home

was recognized as a finalist in the Book of the Year Awards by Forword Reviews!!!!

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Welcome to Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home; I hope it helps you live the dream. For a photo-essay, navigate through the destinations page. For excerpts, visit here.

I encourage you to buy the book and above all--Enjoy!


In 2003, my wife, two teenage daughters, five-year-old son and I moved aboard a 56' sailboat to make a two-year circumnavigation of the world. In 2008, four and a half years later, after traveling 36,000 nautical miles, visiting 38 countries, and entering into numerous relationships with people in those countries, we returned.

Moving through life, it seems I learn one thing with consistency—that I'm not as smart as I used to be.


"Not many books create a relationship akin to friendship between the reader and author by the end of a book. Sailing Faith, however, did.

Granger has a writing style that is unlike anything I’ve ever read. Most of the time I was in awe of his humility as he downplayed the wisdom with which it would take to make a trip like this, and the bravery of him and his wife to choose to raise their three children in this sort of environment (one young boy and two teenage girls)." [excerpts]

--Jasmine Wilson, The Englewood Review of Books, [Vol. 3, #23]



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Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home




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The Gregg A Granger family on Faith in Darwin, Australia

The Granger family onfaith in Darwin, Australia




Gregg II in Sana'a
Gregg II in Sana'a Yemen

The Granger children in front of the Sydney Opera House
Emily, Amanda, and Gregg II in Sydney

Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home






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We met Neal Petersen as we sailed back into the Caribbean during the concluding months of our journey. I have since witnessed the presentation of his inspirational story on several occasions:

When we first returned to Michigan, Tom Radamacher wrote a story of our travels for the Grand Rapids Press. He has since compiled a number of articles into his fascinating book,  Splitting Wood:

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