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The Penassee Globe Herb Woerpel, writing of Gregg A Granger's speaking engagement at the Gun Lake - Greater Federation of Women's Clubs

“Our club has an interest in international adventure and world study and we wanted someone to come in and share their views with us,” she said. “Gregg was able to share information on not only travel, but some things we can support internationally.”

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The Dowagiac Daily News John Eby, writing of Gregg A Granger's speaking engagement at the Dowagiac Rotary Club

"Before leaving Hampton, Va., aboard a 56-foot monohull boat to cross three oceans, the Granger’s sailing experience consisted of a week aboard a Florida charter and a 16-foot Hobie Cat at their Gun Lake home"

“I’ve been a member of this Rotary club since 1980,” said Robert Eady of Niles, “and this is the most invigorating, interesting presentation I can remember.”

Includes complete article, in addition to several reporter's notes of the presentation.

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The Grand Rapids Press Tom Rademacher, in an article following the Granger's return to Michigan.

To the utter horror of fellow seafarers, nobody in the family had undergone any formal training in sailing.

"I figured you put up the sails and the thing's gonna move," recalled Gregg, 51. "And then you just watch out for stuff."

Insane, in a way. But refreshing, too, for us to know that spontaneous vagabonds still roam the earth. And that there are free spirits whose lack of sailing nomenclature is transcended by equal parts ambition and verve.

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The Englewood Review of Books Jasmine Wilson--book review of Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home

Not many books create a relationship akin to friendship between the reader and author by the end of a book. Sailing Faith, however, did. While reading this travelogue I felt like Gregg Granger and I were simply having a thrilling conversation as he explained to me in a very personable manner how he sailed around the world with his family for over four years on a boat named “Faith”.

This book, if it is about anything, is about openness to others in order to experience the belonging that comes with communing with others. Whether it is the community of Gregg Granger’s family, or the friendships he develops with all manner of people, this book is a beautiful reminder of how big the world is and how we can be rewarded by friendship when we decide to put our fear aside.

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