Longtail, so named for the straight-shaft to the propeller

A longtail, so named because of the straight shaft to the propeller that the operator dips into the water, hinged on the transom


Coming out of cave to hong - hollow inside lagoon of Koh Muk

We exit a cave leading to the hong - a hollowed out lagoon inside this island of Koh Muk, Thailand

The Gregg A Granger

Family Adventure


Again, there are parts of the world where people fix things. What builds my confidence in Mr. Ponpoon is his approach to Tom’s freezer unit. Earlier in the week, he tried a certain regulator to get the voltage right for the compressor, but it didn’t work. With the smirk of a little kid, he tells us to wait a minute and goes to the back room of his shop, his living quarters. He returns with the control and receiver from a remote-control helicopter. He says he was thinking about it last night and thinks he can get the voltage right by using the helicopter’s receiver in line with the compressor, and jiggling around the controls to get the right voltage. It’s a test to determine whether the compressor works. If it doesn’t, repairing the refrigerator doesn’t make sense. Anybody who lies awake thinking about troubleshooting a freezer with a remote-control helicopter is my kind of craftsman. (page 158)


It's from Phuket Thailand that we say goodbye to Ardi





The Grangers at the bug booth at a night market in Phuket, Thailand

At the bug booth in Phuket, Thailand. We found the crickets and little white grubs to be the best offerrings



Thai fishing boats

Thai fishing trawlers