Easter service in Massawa, Eritrea

Easter Service in Massawa, Eritrea


Boats in Suakin, Sudan

Boats in Suakin, Sudan

The Gregg A Granger

Family Adventure



Faith heeling on passage to Sudan

Faith heeling on passage to Sudan


Mosque along the Suez Canal, Egypt

Mosque along the Suez Canal, Egypt

Asmarra, Eritrea

UN Hospitals are strategically located where peacekeeping missions occur, and it’s a tribute to either the effectiveness of the peacekeeping mission in Eritrea or the fighting factions’ ability to shoot straight that during my visit the UN Hospital has one patient. The hospital is run by competent medical officers of Jordan’s military. This time, the test for malaria is positive. They begin a regimen of sleep with brief periods of wakedness to change the IV bag, or give me some pills, or poke me with something. Lorrie gets a room at a hotel for the family, and Amanda stays with me the first night. After the family leaves, it’s just Amanda and me. She pulls out a can of sour cream and onion potato chips and offers me some. Since I haven’t eaten anything for three days, I try two. Bad move. I grab hold of a wastebasket just in time. (page 188)

The longer I’m in Cairo, the more difficult things become in Eritrea, but the more blessings are provided at the same time. Lorrie’s money is running out. On hearing this, a French man sailing to Asia, who could never expect repayment, hands Lorrie $200 and says, “With what you’ve got going on, anybody would do that.” (page 192)

The worst thought is that our hardship over the past weeks in Eritrea is normal for Eritreans without access to medicine or protein.(page 196)



The Nile at dusk

The Nile River at dusk, near Luxor, Egypt


Amanda in downtown Suakin, Suda

Amanda in downtown Suakin, Sudan


Bombed out structure standing over Massawa Harbour, Eritrea

This bombed-out structure stands over the entrance to Massawa Harbour

Christian Church in side of mountain, Cairo, Egypt

Christian Church in mountainside, Cairo, Egypt



Christian summer camp with Mama Maggie in Cairo, Egypt

Christian summer camp with Mama Maggie (in white) in Cairo, Egypt



The Grangers at the UN hospital in Asmara, Eritrea for Gregg's malaria.  Dr. Shono is on the left

At the UN Hospital in Asmara, Eritrea for treatment of my malaria by Dr. Shono (on left)