Greggii with Kuna kids watching a movie on Faith in Anachakuna, Panama

Gregg watching a movie with kids from the Kuna villang of Anachakuna, Panama



Faith in the Panama Canal

A gate of a lock in the Panama Canal

The Gregg A Granger

Family Adventure





Our time since leaving Hampton, and through the Caribbean, especially after we moved south and away from the boats in the rally, was lonely. We didn’t know anybody, and it wasn’t easy to meet anybody in this charter-boat Mecca: thousands of boats, many with families, but few with plans to live aboard more than a week.

In Panama, it’s different. Yachts here hold cruisers destined for somewhere else. In the tropics, that somewhere else is generally west because of favorable winds and currents. It becomes not uncommon to see many of the same people again and again. (pages 29-30)



Lorrie modeling a mola in Anachakuna, Panama

Lorrie modeling a mola in Anachakuna, Panama


Public transportation in Panama

Fancy painted bus of Panama