Gregg II's best brother in the whole world

Ardi, our son from different parents, and who Greggii calls "My best brother in the whole world," lived with our family for nearly a year.


Faith, with no windows, hardware, or mast, stripped for work in Langkawi, Malaysia

Faith in the shipyard in Langkawi, Malaysia. A 45 day contract that takes ten months to complete.

The Gregg A Granger

Family Adventure


Telaga Harbor Marina is the terminus of the rally. All of us except Lorrie rent scooters to explore the island. We take off, Emily and Amanda on one and Greggii and I on the other, and make good fun of it until we get to the busy city streets of Kuah, where Emily takes over driving instead of Amanda and tips over. Both girls get skinned up a little, Emily on her elbow and hip, and Amanda on her elbow and knee. Never one to let something like this pass, Lorrie gives us a dramatic “I told you so.” We give her plenty of practice in the I told you so department. (pages 128-129)

We’re trapped, but realize too late that Wavemaster is only the bait. The trap is our creation, as we fall into feeling like victims, robbed of God’s plan for our lives. We try to escape on rungs of anger, frustration, and self-pity, but find the quality of our lives deteriorating. On days we choose to be victims, we waste God’s grace. Ardi is with us and becomes part of our family. We continue to mesh in the midst or even because of the frustrations. And we’re blessed with lasting friendships. (page 131)



Gregg II's class picture at the Chinese school in Langkawi, Malaysia

The class picture from the Chinese school Gregg II attended in Langkawi, Malaysia



Joe and his family on board Faith for a couple of days in Langkawi, Malaysia

Joe's family joined us on Faith for three days as we sailed the Langkawi area. Joe helped me keep things in perspective while work was being done, or not, on Faith



The workmen in Langkawi, on board for the day of completion

The day of completion in Langkawi, Malaysia




The workers from Malaysia

The workmen from Faith in Langkawi, Malaysia