Fishing boats lining the shore in Dominica

Fishing boats along the river in Dominica



Gregg II with friends on Anguilla

Gregg II with friends on Anguilla

The Gregg A Granger

Family Adventure


We regret not stopping to put the top up earlier. Deepening dusk brings critters we aren’t used to seeing, and things rain on us from the vegetation we plow through. A lizard lands on our windshield-wiper, wondering how he could one minute be peacefully snagging bugs from a comfortable limb of new life, and the next having a chaotic vision of a bunch of laughing kids, one hysterical woman, and a crazy man looking at him on the motion picture screen that just abducted him. The hysterical woman thinks we should turn around, but the crazy man resists. Then, the crazy man feels a feeling he’s not accustomed to, as if somebody’s finger is wiggling around between the arch of his foot and his sandal. Since everybody’s sitting upright, and nobody can reach his sandal to put their finger in it, he decides the issue needs to be addressed. Soon. (pages 13-14)


First Christmas on Faith in St. Kitts

Our first Christmas on Faith in St. Kitts






This sign adorns a pole in St. Croix

Slo mon cow crossing sign in St. Croix