Amanda on dock with one of our most important provisions

Amanda on the dock with one of the most important provisions.


Lorrie and Gregg II in front of the Statue of Liberty

Taking Faith to New York City to avoid Hurricane Isabel as she targeted the Chesapeake

The Gregg A Granger

Family Adventure



While preparing for our voyage in Hampton, Virginia, we find a number of folks planning voyages of their own and a few who have actually left the dock. The planners are dreamers, conjuring obstacles to maintain the dream: As soon as the boat is all ready (boats are boats, and will never be all ready). As soon as they have accumulated enough money (there will never be enough). As soon as the kids are older, or the kids have moved out, or …

I recall a man I worked with years earlier who refused a sizeable Christmas bonus. “I always wanted a Cadillac,” he said, “but as soon as I get my Cadillac, the dream is gone. I just think the car can’t be as good as the dream.”

People know when they leave the dock, the dream is gone. (page viii)